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AIREX Logistics is an integrated Logistics and material management Express distribution service oriented company that caters to the distribution and procurement need of all business houses. AIREX optimizes operational efficiency and provide better service to customers through supply chain consulting and network design studies, by combining innovative supply chain modeling tools with the real-life practical experiences and AIREX Leadership, we are able to enforce our mission statement of rediscovering value in supply chain.

AIREX’s consulting and analysis helps companies improve supply chain efficiency and get products to the market faster, by identifying growth objectives, key customers, profitability goals, competitive issues etc., we determine the best way to see where our customer’s supply chain, revenue, and profitability intersect.

With its personal Warehouses and operational stations strategically placed, the packages are given optimum facility, impressive route authorities, and transportation infrastructure, combined with leading-edge information technology making AIREX our country’s unmatched express freight forwarding and distribution company, providing impeccable services for thousands of shipments each business day.

AIREX has systematically built its network across the regions through smart, strategic and calculated investments resulting in a completely self-owned and managed network reaching every corner of our country with a commitment which is not transferred to a third party.

AIREX goes beyond ongoing operations ensuring project delivery on time without exhausting the budgets with bedazzling performance. The result is a supply chain that helps your business from day one by giving you the flexibility to meet changing business needs, with the value-added services providing a win-win situation where the customers can concentrate on their core aspects of working

Cutting costs to increase productivity is the Primary Foresee of the AIREX where Quality and Safety are given utmost importance. AIREX invest substantial time in building consistent processes and training to achieve our goals of negligible recordable incidents.

If it is about logistics, AIREX is what you need.

AIREX encompasses the business units AIREX Express, AIREX Priority, AIREX E- Commerce and AIREX Value Added.

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