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APM Terminals Bahrain operates Khalifa Bin Salman Port and is a multi-purpose facility for domestic cargo, cruise traffic, and a trans-shipment hub for the growing Gulf shipping market. It is one of the most modern Ports in the Gulf and in terms of container handling one of the most efficient ports in the world.

APM Terminals Bahrain was formed in 2006, as a joint venture between APM Terminals (80%) and YBA Kanoo Holdings. Container operations commenced in February 2009 on a 25-year operating concession, after the-state-of the art Khalifa Bin Salman Port was built on reclaimed land at Hidd, west of the capital of Manama, replacing the older Mina Salman facility.


Area: 900,000m2,

Quay: 1,800m

Max depth at quayside: 15m

4 Ship-to-Shore cranes with a container outreach of 18 rows

Rubber Tiry Gantries: 12

Initial annual capacity: 1 million TEU (potential 3 million TEU)

Max vessel handling size 10,000 TEU

Max vessel length: 360 meters (exceptions by prior arrangement)

Warehousing 63,500 sq.meters

ISPS and ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Reefer plugs: 840 (400 volts, 32 amperes, 3 phase)


Safety is an integral part of our core values at APM Terminals Bahrain. Our goal is to ensure we have safe operations. Through active participation and commitment of our staff, the success of our operations and safety of our workforce go hand in hand. We are committed, to provide a safe work environment for all port users including employees, labour, contractors, customers and members of public, who visit the facility. We seek continually to improve our safety performance, by constantly reducing our operational risks through proactive risk management, which is fundamental to our safety culture.

Our commitment to SAFETY

  • Is our license to Operate
  • Means no Compromise
  • Has no Hierarchy
  • Is not Optional


APM Terminals Bahrain’s Equipment Maintenance and Repair (EMR) department uses a Total Productive Maintenance program, designed to maximize equipment reliability and performance. In 2016, operators and maintenance teams were trained in new skill sets to reach the goal of reducing equipment breakdowns by 90% in three years. 


APM Terminals Bahrain’s employs a Differential Global Positioning System on terminal RTGs. The system ensures that container positions are updated automatically, eliminating the possibility of human error and creating a safer working environment. Reduced handling times will yield higher productivity.

Berth productivity (2017): 64.4 Moves Per Hour

Crane productivity (2017): 35.7 Moves Per Hour

A General Cargo Terminal Operation System with VGM functionality, reduces paperwork and make it easier for customers to see cargo activities through a more customer-friendly interface. Terminal customers have improved access to better reports, tracking and monitoring. The system also allows APM Terminals Bahrain to carry out sophisticated statistical analysis for optimum resource deployment.

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