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When you do the same thing for a long time, you get very good at it. We have been working with furniture logistics since the -70-ties, so we consider ourselves experts in the field.

As the furniture market has grown, so have we. Our ability to adapt to change, venture in to new markets, create smart solutions and develop customer-centric services has earned us the trust to handle the furniture logistics for many well-known furniture companies in the Nordics.

On 1 March 2015, the LGT Group was acquired by Litorina (litorina.se), a Swedish private equity firm, which was founded in 1998. Together we have created a strategic platform that will take our services, innovation and expansion even further. Ensuring that we will keep our course towards the future of furniture logistics for many years to come.

The wellbeing of our customers products is our main concern. It’s our responsibility to collect them. To store them. To deliver them when agreed, in the right configuration and to the right destination.

But furniture is not just our business. It’s our passion. We care for them. Make sure no harm comes to them. That they arrive at their destination without any scratches. More than 99,96 % of all packages we deliver are without damages. It’s no coincidence.

It’s because we love your furniture. 

Our core values


We stay on course, keep focused and keep our promises.


We love furniture and we love logistics. And we love to make our customers smile.


We use our knowledge, expertise and creativity to overcome challenges and develop new innovative solutions.

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