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HUB Logistics’s story began in 1992, when Aarno Törmälä, Chairman of the Board of HUB, founded a limited company to provide logistics service companies with training and consulting on quality systems. The visibility of the quality system to the processes and services of companies gave a vantage point to the level of logistics at that time in Finland. With Finland recovering from the recession years, the idea of ​​developing outsourced logistics services and taking full responsibility for internal logistics for the service company matured.

The word HUB was introduced in 1997. The definition of HUB is familiar with the sorting centers for goods flows as well as the data transfer divider. In HUB HUB stands for hub, center and hub. The word was ideal for a service idea where our company offers a centralized solution and acts as a logistic center for material flows and information management.

As a result of customer needs, HUB began to provide logistics services to freight forwarding, trading and industrial companies. Upon the arrival of the 21st century, there was a clear need for the development of internal logistics for industrial companies and outsourcing. The name and logo of HUB logistics was taken as a single brand for affiliates, and services were started to develop in a technology-oriented way, seeking the best operating models from the world.

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