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One Chain Logistics (OCL) provides all levels of logistical support and supply chain services, including warehousing, distribution and freight forwarding. We seek to provide quality customer support and services through a team of professionals with years of international experience in supply chain services. Our aim is to increase your profitability by offering customized solutions to reduce costs and increase service. Our growing team of professionals has the experience to facilitate your company’s expansion using our tailored services.


We have a strong partnership with our European partner Prime Cargo. And with an international experience reaching beyond borders Prime Cargo supports OCL with new ideas and innovation, thus strengthening our position in the logistic field. Prime Cargo was established in 1998 and has branches all over the world, ranging from offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing to Amsterdam, Copenhagen Oslo etc.



At OCL we offer a wide range of value added services. From packing your goods to distributing them.  We aim to deliver services at reduced cost to be as efficient for your company as possible, some of our basic services includes:

  • Covered and uncovered storage areas
  • Palletizing and setting up goods
  • Furthermore we have:
  • Pick and Pack
  • Bar-coding
  • Order processing
  • Stock control and Inventory Management
  • Labeling and invoicing

These are some of the services we offer, but at OCL we can provide you with tailor made solutions to fit your individual needs. We believe in communication with our customers, it’s important that you feel safe when OCL handles your goods.


Our warehouses are fully equipped and secured, fire fighting system, central monitoring for security and fire protection and much more.  OCL rank security high on our list and we want to make sure that your goods are fully secured at all times.


We have multi-client locations which provide flexibility and scalability to tackle changing business needs. Companies who use our multi-client warehouses don’t deal with the issue of being tied down in a long term agreement.

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