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Panafricalogistics deals mainly with inland long haulage of sea freight containers from the port of Mombasa to inland destinations. It is a service provider to leading shipping lines and agencies.With its Headquarters located on the 7th Floor of the prestigious TSS Towers in the Central Business District of the East African coastal city of Mombasa, in the Republic of Kenya, Panafrica Logistics Limited was incorporated in the year 2003 and started off by offering overland long haulage transportation of containerized transit cargo from the port city of Mombasa in Kenya to various destinations in East Africa.It was a very eventful 5-year growth period for the company from its inception, during which time it multiplied its fleet of articulated trucks and positioned itself to expand its operations to include fully fledged Freight Forwarding services, and in the year 2008, the company began offering these services through subcontracted licensed agents. 

In the year 2009 Panafricalogistics became a fully licensed Kenya Revenue Authority Customs Agent, and with this, the company’s gradual but rapid evolution into an independent provider of fully integrated Freight Forwarding and Logistics services was complete.

We are now able to offer our clients “Dock to Door” services in virtually all key industry sectors in Kenya, Uganda and the Republic of Southern Sudan, including:We provide overland transportation of dangerous / hazardous cargo in 20 foot and 40 foot containers. Dangerous goods are all loads, which under certain circumstances of transportation or storage may harm the environment, people and/or property; may cause explosion and/or fire, damage to vehicles, buildings and/or constructions, as well as cause death, injury, poisoning, burns or diseases to people, animals and/or birds.

Shipment and overland transportation of Over-sized and/or Abnormal cargo is a laborious process. Oversized or unusual cargo is a load outside the standards of transportation for the maritime container. Each of these goods requires a specific and professional approach. Such goods always require special engineering, i.e. technical and logistics solutions, to select the optimal route for transporting, loading and off-loading.

We process and obtain the necessary special approvals from the relevant authorities for the transportation of such cargo, and undertake the evaluation and selection of specialty vehicles and equipment for the transportation and handling of the cargo.

Panafricalogistics is financially strong, stable and independent. With our highly trained and dedicated staff, you can be sure that all your freight forwarding and logistics needs will be met with efficiency and in a timely manner, saving you costs.

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