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The Removal Services Italy is born from an experience matured from generation to generation, which guarantees its customers efficiency, accuracy and competence in moving services, packaging, furniture storage, aerial ladders. Our competence, the constant and targeted research of techniques and performances, but also the competence in the sector, guarantees quality services. The satisfaction of our customers who have relied completely on us over the years is our greatest satisfaction, the success of our work.

We offer removal services for homes, offices, archives, safe transport, pianos, furniture storage. We offer all-inclusive solutions for customers who do not want to have any thoughts … for cheaper formulas, for those customers who, however, they don’t want to give up quality. All the various phases of the work are first studied with customized logistic solutions and then decided based on the needs of the client.

PLAN Have you already chosen your new home? Make a list of the furniture to be moved, of the contents to be packaged, indicating the plans of departure and destination. Know what to transport: draw up a detailed list of furniture, furnishings and various objects. Indicate the sqm of the apartment, furniture to be disassembled and reassembled. Specify if the furniture also includes: pianos, safes, works of art, sculptures, paintings. This type of movement requires special precautions due to their weight and / or dimensions

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