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 The history of the Free Port of Turku begins as a base for port services 50 years ago in 1964. The company was founded by Oswald Hermansson. The area was one third of the current one. At that time everything had to be cleared and there was a customs officer in the area. In the evenings, guard dogs were released in the area to guard the area.

Time went by, the area grew and activity expanded. The accession to the EU and the constant change of bureaucracy naturally also affected the activities of the Free warehouse in Turku.

Today, the customer does not even have to come with the product to be stored, but everything is taken care of remotely. If the customer wants, he can store the container without customs, and only charge the goods that require the customs clearance when searching for a batch. It is a huge savings for our customer. Over time, customs clearance has shifted to the electronic world, as has surveillance technology replaced the guard dogs.

Despite all the changes, we are constantly developing our operations. Our starting point is always that we are a professional and safe partner.

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